• SAP Fiori Custom App Development

    SAP Fiori custom mobile app development helps in immediate automation of business tasks by providing end-users with simple, robust and enterprise-ready SAP applications that can be deployed on premise or launched on the cloud, our package for custom app development includes. We aim to simply your business by simplifying tasks in more intuitive format and easy to use consumer-grade user experience that work seamlessly across devices – desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

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    • SAP Fiori Stock overview App

      Stock overview

      Stock Overview app to get an overview of the total available stock of any article including the stock available in the store and its respective warehouses. You can verify the stock which has been ordered for online purchase and what is available to be sold at the store.

    • SAP Fiori Sales Exception App

      Sales Exception

      Using this application the organization can calculate the top selling articles based on last 7 days sales across the business and can find No sales articles, under sold articles, Top 200 selling article and Top 20 articles were they can try and improve the sales across the site in every region. With an auto email program to the store manager requesting them to add their comments which will help the business to find the reasons for NSE(No sales)/USE(Under sales) for that site and improve the sales of the store were the Head Office can analyze the root cause for the NSE/USE of the article for each stores.

    • SAP Fiori Insights App


      Insights app displays contextual information about the article for the business. You can navigate to its related store, warehouse, and you can access related transactional information across operational systems

    • SAP Fiori Inbound Delivery App

      Inbound delivery

      Inbound delivery app will help the business to do the logistic operation in a single Fiori screen. The business will be able to create inbound delivery for multiple PO’s in same screen without having to move to multiple screens and it reduces the time and effort to complete the large number of purchase orders inbound process were users will be able to process by individual articles or the complete PO.

    • SAP Fiori Sales Promotion App

      Sales Promotion

      Sales promotion app is a real game changer which will help in introducing an article and by then promoting the online sales of them with specific to their group.

    • SAP Fiori POS Operation App

      POS Operation App

      POS operation app will help the retail business to know about the store wise and article group wise total sales, stock loss, Payroll, Absenteeism, Discounts, Refunds, Till loss etc. with multiple views like (Day, Week, Month, YTD) in one single screen, this will help the business to understand the performance of the store and the employees.

    • SAP Fiori Stock Check App

      Stock Check App

      Stock Check app will help the store managers by identifying the non-listed articles in that particular store and thereby creating a stock transfer order to another store based on the sales performance and requirements in different regions across the country. This will help the business to optimize the stock holding and helps in managing the stock by keeping the “right stock at the right store”.